During Consultation, your first point of contact is our Clinical Prosthetic and Orthotic Expert. They will be responsible for your evaluation and assessment, provide information, advice, and recommend your specific prosthetic or orthotic services. The Clinical Expert will clarify the nature of the problem and how our service can best assist. They will match each patient with the best possible solutions in order to get maximum function and comfort for your future life.

We receive referrals from treating doctors, hospitals, service providers such as NGOs working for the welfare of Physically Challenged Persons, family members and from patients themselves.

Cost Details

Prosthetic and Orthotic care involves expense and we know that everyone, from the patients to their sponsors, is concerned about the cost. It’s difficult to tell how much your care will cost without a physical assessment and evaluation. After the initial charge-free consultation is done, we will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate of your specific Prosthetics and Orthotics Care.

It is our policy to not charge for the follow-up visits. However, after the warranty period expires, we may need to charge for cost of components or materials used as replacement.

If you are travelling from abroad or a long distance, we would be happy to give cost estimates over the phone or by email. It is possible this estimate could become subject to change during the physical assessment and evaluation.


Most of the time, use of a prosthesis or orthosis is permanent. Once your prosthetic or orthotic device is delivered and fitted, it is important for us to know that you have adapted well to the device in your own environment and it is working satisfactorily. We highly recommend a return visit to the clinic for follow-up, which will be scheduled by your Prosthetist or Orthotist.

In a Follow-Up, we will evaluation fitting and alignment of the device, make adjustment requirements due to growth in pediatric cases, and any further intervention to retain maximum function and comfort for you.