Patient Questions and Answers

The College Park India team of Clinical Prosthetic and Orthotic Consultation and Assessment Services can assist anyone who needs prosthetic or orthotic devices.

The process starts with a discussion with the referring doctor regarding the appropriate clinical prosthetic or orthotic solution. Thereafter, a thorough evaluation and assessment of the patient is done and the fitment process starts. Providing personal and complete prosthetic and orthotic care is paramount to us. The patient and his or her family are counseled and guided throughout the process and educated to use the prosthetic or orthotic device to achieve the best performance.

I am facing an amputation. Is it too soon to contact you?

Certainly not, it will be helpful for you to understand the process. We understand your anxiety and can help by making you aware of the potential options and outcomes.

How soon after surgery can I be fitted with a prosthesis?

This depends on many factors. The residual limb should be well healed. Often a prosthesis can be fit within 30-60 days post surgery. It may take longer with any medical complications.

Do I have to pay for initial consultation?

There is no charge for an initial consultation. The consultation includes a comprehensive assessment (history, examination, muscle testing, and the joint’s range of motion and gait analysis). If needed, we will contact your treating doctor for medical precautions and issues that may affect the outcome or expectations.

How can I contact College Park Clinic?

We can be contacted by telephone, email or fax. You may visit our website at

How long will it take for the prosthesis or orthosis to be fabricated and fitted?

A prosthesis or orthosis is custom made to your individual specifications and needs. Fabrication
normally only takes a couple of days, depending upon the availability of the components and materials but the duration of the fitment and training varies from one person to other.

Will I be able to do things I did before my amputation?

Most amputees can return to a style of life similar, if not identical, to their pre-amputation lifestyle. This may take a while and also depends on the level of amputation.

What makes College Park India different from other P&O facilities?

College Park Industries USA opened clinics in India to bring the highest quality material and components together with the highest level of professional service. The clinical team of College Park India is highly reputed in the field and has extensive experience. We work out of a state-of- the art Artificial Limb Fitment Center and Workshop. The patients receive personal care from an experienced team of Rehab Professionals. These professionals are trained in India and abroad to provide customized solutions to our patients.