The i-Limb Ultra replaced the original iLimb Pulse Hand. It has evolved from the original i-Limb Hand, the first myoelectric prosthetic hand with five digits that articulate like real fingers and a rotatable thumb to allow a range of different grip patterns.

Liberating Technologies, Inc integrates iLimb hands with other products such as the LTI Boston Digital Arm to produce suitable systems for humeral-level and radial-level prostheses. This integration of products enables the clinician to select the most appropriate components for their patient. LTI assures that these components are compatible with one another and suitable to meet the patient’s needs.

The i-LIMB Ultra uses wireless software to allow the wearer to choose from a wide range of automatic hand features, ensuring that the prosthesis can be continually adapted to meet the patient’s needs. The product’s unique “pulsing” technology allows the wearer to apply additional grip force as required.

iLimb Ultra

iLimb Revolution

  • Powered thumb rotation
  • Thumb positions automatically
  • Enhances & expands grasp options – now 24 grips
  • Same construction as Ultra
  • Four wrist options
  • Five control strategies: two dual site, three single site
  • Auto-grasp feature

Key Grip

Where the thumb closes down onto the side of the index finger. This grip is used to hold items such as a plate or a business card. The addition of wrist rotation enables the user to turn a key in a lock in a totally ‘human’ way.

Power Grip

Where all fingers and the thumb close down together to create a full-wrap grip. This grip would be used to hold a can of drink while opening the ring-pull, for example, and for carrying large objects such as a briefcase or shopping bag.

Precision Grip

Where the index finger and thumb meet (or index finger, middle finger and thumb meet) inorder to pick-up small objects and to hold objects when performing finer control tasks.

Index Point

Where the thumb and fingers close but the index finger remains extended – patients have found this grip very useful for operating computer keyboards, telephone dial pads, ATM cash machines and a host of other everyday requirements.

Thumb Park

Where the thumb closes down against the side of the hand to allow a jacket to be put on. This control utilizes a simple control signal generated through the existing myoelectric system.

Touch Bionics’ Battery Pack is required for use with the terminal device, and must be charged daily using the appropriate charger. Dummies are provided for fabrication of the appropriate socket relief. Battery selection guidelines:

  • Standard i-LIMB Hand battery = 1300 mAh split-cell battery
  • Heavy use i-LIMB Hand = 2400 mAh battery

Note: when an iLimb Hand is used with the Boston Digital Arm System, the Boston Arm battery provides power to both the elbow and the hand (and a wrist rotator if provided). The present Boston Arm high-capacity Lithium-polymer battery is adequate for powering all terminal devices, including multi-articulating hands so no “supplemental” iLimb battery is required. This simplifies the prosthetic system and reduces the weight. It also eliminates the need for several other components; second battery, second charger and cabling.

Use only battery charger supplied by LTI for use with the battery purchased.

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