Prosthetics | Orthotics TECHNOLOGY for the HUMAN RACE BEST MODERN TECHNOLOGIES FOR Powerful , Practical Solution CUSTOM ORTHOTIC SOLUTIONS ADVANCED PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS Introducing The Victor knee is a single axis, "pneumatic knee joint"
featuring a friction brake to control stance phase.
BEST MODERN TECHNOLOGIES PROSTHETIC FEET Trustep Feet Celsus Prosthetic Feet Bionic & Microprocessor System Next Generation Technology Perform tasks more effectively M-Finger System The right orthosis for every indication Orthotics Services used to temporarily control, guide or immobilize an extremity
or joint of the body to treat a variety of ailments

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Our mission is to provide technology that moves you. The limb loss journey is a time of healing for the mind, body, and soul.
Access to the right prosthetic technology is an important piece of the puzzle. It’s time to create your new normal

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Hydraulic Single axis Knee
Fresh Water Friendly
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Artificial Limb Capital Knee Joint
Next Generation Elbow

Espire Elbow

Modern, Anatomical Shape
Powerful Lift & Lock
All Day Battery
Comfortable & Lightweight
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Artificial Limb Elbow
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An ISO Certified Company 13485 : 2016 (America) 13485 : 2016 (India)

College Park Healthcare India is a subsidiary unit of College Park Industries (An Artificial Limb Manufacturer Company) and established in 2012, also brings high-quality artificial limb products along with the expert solution from College Park Industries USA directly to India.

Our experienced & trained professionals team not only assists with products to the person who needs prosthetic or orthotic devices but also provides technical and clinical support too. We provide our services in India and as well as in neighboring countries, and also provide a custom fabrication range of high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective prostheses for those with upper or lower extremity amputations, and Orthoses for those suffering from neuromuscular skeletal disorders. We headquartered in Gurgaon with additional locations throughout India.

Prosthetics Services
Amputee Support/Education (Pre & Post Surgical Counselling)
Prompt Post-Operative Care
Preparatory Prostheses
Definitive Prostheses
Genriatric Prostheses
Conventional and Myoelectrical Upper Extremity Prostheses
Pediatric Prostheses
Cosmetic Restoration
Orthotics Services
Lower Extremity Orthoses
Upper Extremity Orthoses
Knee Orthoses
Fracture Orthoses
Foot Orthoses
Spinal Orthoses
Cervical Orthoses
Gait Analysis
Patient Education

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Prosthetic & Orthotics Patient

Tribute foot provides good stability with balanced mobility as I walk on hilly areas. Sometimes I need to walk up to 15 km daily. The staff of College Park India is also very helpful and comforting. I wish more people from hilly areas could be benefitted from College Park feet.

Sukh Lal
(Himachal Pradesh, INDIA)

For when I want to be really active, I turn to my Soleus feet. They truly are energy storing. I can wear them all day and not get as tired as I did on other prosthetic feet. They make me bouncy and “light” on my feet and mimic a real ankle very well.

(Ohio, US)
Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question? check these answers.

Certainly not, it will be helpful for you to understand the process. We understand your anxiety and can help by making you aware of the potential options and outcomes.

This is depends on many factors. The residual limb should be well healed. Often a prosthesis can be fit within 30-60 days post surgery. it may take longer with any medical complications.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. The consultation includes a comprehensive assessment (history, examination, muscle testing and the joint’s range of motion and gait analysis). If needed, we will contact your treating doctor for medical precautions and issues that may affect the outcome or expectations.

You can contact us by telephone, email or whatsapp. you may fill the contact form or booking form available on our website.

A prosthesis or orthosis process is completely custom made and depends upon the individual specifications and needs. Fabrication process normally takes couple of days, depends upon the availability of components and materials, but the duration of fitment and training process may varies from one person to another person.

Most amputees can returns to a style of life similar, if not identical to their pre-amputation lifestyle. This may take a while and also depends on the level of amputation.

We are the subsidiary unit of College Park Industries USA. The production in India brings the highest quality material and components together with the highest level of professional service. Our clinical team is highly reputed in the field and has extensive experience. We work out of the state-of-the-art Artificial Limb Fitment Center and workshop. The patient receives personal care from an experienced team of Rehab Professionals. These professionals are trained in India & abroad to provide customized solutions to our patients.