Orthotic Service

Upper & Lower Limb Customized Orthoses


An orthosis is an external device, which is used to control or also supports the body segment. These external support help to improve the functionality as well as the alignment for improved gait and reduced pain.
Upper and Lower Limb Orthotics
Spinal Orthotics
Custom and Prefabricated Braces
Orthotic Management of Diabetic Feet
Dynamic Pediatric Orthotics

The process of orthosis starts with the discussion with the referring doctor regarding the appropriate clinical orthotic solution. Thereafter, a thorough evaluation and assessment of the patient are performed and the fitment process starts. The Patient and his/her family are counseled and guided throughout the process and educated to use the orthotic device to achieve the best performance.


We believe the delivery is only the first step in a long-term relationship to achieve the best outcome. We will customize a follow-up schedule at periodic intervals to maintain the ideal function and comfort with your new orthotic device.