Artificial Limb Service

(Prosthetic Limb)

Upper & Lower Limb Customized Prostheses

Prosthetic limb

Prostheses or prosthetic implant is generally referred as an artificial limb, and a prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a missing limb (body part) or part of a limb, which may be lost through trauma or disease, or a condition present at birth. Prostheses are intended to restore the normal functionality of the missing body part(upper or lower limb) such as leg, knee joint, feet, hand, arm, fingers, and shoulder joint, etc. The prosthesis is specially designed for functional or cosmetic reasons or both. Prostheses are usually custom-designed devices as per the individual’s requirement and designed under the guidance of prosthetists or professionals. A prosthetist is a well-trained professional and expert who knows how to build bio-mechanically suitable sockets and as a result to achieve ideal alignment for optimal comfort, function, and also for cosmetics. Prosthetists at College Park done by well-trained professionals who are experts in the field. Our prosthetist not only assists with products to the person who needs prosthetic devices but also provides technical and clinical support too. Our prosthetists have experience in both adults as well as pediatric prostheses.
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Our team specializes in :

Above and below knee prosthetic limb (Artificial limb)
State of the art sockets designs, MAS, ICS, PTB and TSB
Anatomically correct foot and ankle systems
Prosthetic interface technology (Liners designed according to patient's individual requirements.)
Suspension system (Latest techniques and use of shuttle locks and vaccum systems)
Prosthetic management of congenital limb deficiencies.
Silicone techniques for cosmetic restorations

The process of orthosis starts with the discussion with the referring doctor regarding the appropriate clinical orthotic solution. Thereafter, a thorough evaluation and assessment of the patient are performed and the fitment process starts. The Patient and his/her family are counseled and guided throughout the process and educated to use the orthotic device to achieve the best performance.


We believe the delivery is only the first step in a long-term relationship to achieve the best outcome. We will customize a follow-up schedule at periodic intervals to maintain the ideal function and comfort with your new orthotic device.